Email jeet 2 is List Verify Jeet PRO is an email marketing program. Maybe same like another cleaner your list. But it is easier to use and lower cost to get! Yes, a big lower cost!!! Only $37.00 for Email Jeet 2, List Verify Jeet PRO.

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The advantage of the clean list by Email Jeet 2

  • Lower cost for list maintenance.
  • Lower cost of emailing.
  • You won’t get caught in spam-traps.
  • Lower bounce rates improve your open rates.
  • You get better delivery!
  • High bounce rate will get you banned from your Email service provider fast.
  • Furthermore, it is necessary to:
  • Never mail a dirty list as it affects your overall open rates and reputation.
  • Clean your list regularly to make sure it’s responsive and gets you cash.

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  • Upload your list straight into the app, hit execute and let it clean your list with just 1-click.
  • Removes all duplicate and invalid emails, so you don’t get any soft or hard bounces.
  • Verifies each email id using SMTP request, to make sure that you are only left with correct email IDs.
  • Supports both CSV files, and simple email files with text lists.


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